2016 Published articles

• Colonization with the enteric protozoa Blastocystis is associated with increased diversity of human gut bacterial microbiota.
Audebert C., Even G., Cian A., The Blastocystis Investigation Group, Loywick A., Merlin S., Viscogliosi E. & Chabé M.
Scientific Reports, 2016 May

• A review of methods for nematode identification.
Seesao Y, Gay M, Merlin S, Viscogliosi E, Aliouat-Denis CM, Audebert C.
J Microbiol Methods, 2016 Jun

• Effects of Propidium Monoazide (PMA) Treatment on Mycobiome and Bacteriome Analysis of Cystic Fibrosis Airways during Exacerbation.
Nguyen LD., Deschaght P., Merlin S., Loywick A., Audebert C., Van Daele S., Viscogliosi E., Vaneechoutte M., Delhaes L.
PLoS One, 2016 Dec