Logo PEGASEPEGASE: French name referring to “Genomic Expertise Platform Dedicated to Experimental Sciences” (in french : Plateforme d’Etude Génomique Appliquée aux Sciences Expérimentales) is an entity borned in the midst of summer 2012 enabling the pool of human and material means of the genomic R&D division of Gènes Diffusion and the TAG laboratory (Transcriptomic analysis and Applied Genomics) from the Pasteur Institute of Lille.

PEGASE’s missions are :

  • Carrying requests and projects to grasp their outlines.
  • Developing automation tools (bioinformatics pipeline, etc.) in order to accelerate high-throughput genomic and transcriptomic analyses.
  • Integrating at best both molecular biology and bioinformatics processes for an enhanced relevance to answer a given biological question.

From simple molecular biology service (high-throughput sequencing and genotyping) to involvement and elaboration of genomic and / or transcriptomic projects, PEGASE is a pool of ideas and cutting-edge expertise supporting a wide variety of biological questions.

PEGASE, a hybrid of molecular biology and bioinformatics…